Dies for other industries

DIES FOR OTHER INDUSTRIES In this section you will find dies made for industries where the highest precision was required.Elitech team ensured to their customers a perfect match between mould and technical drawing, even with high thicknesses Precedente Successivo SOME DIES MADE BY ELITECH DIE FOR WHEELBARROW DIE FOR AISI 304 COVER DIE FOR BARBECUE […]

Plumbing and Heating

Plumbing and Heating For mass production in plumbing and heating, it is essential to eliminate equipment downtime caused by die wear.For this reason, Elitech only selects the highest quality materials that make for more durable and efficient dies.You’ll be able to cut the costs of replacing and repairing fragile dies.And all the wrinkles and tears […]

Household appliances

Household appliances Sheet metal and steel components used in household appliances often feature exposed parts, so the finish of the stamped part must be top-notch.Thanks to our specific experience in this industry, Elitech dies will allow you to produce a flawless product, with no visible imperfections. Precedente Successivo Elitech dies created for household appliances DIE […]