Are you considering investing in a new production line or a new stamping die?

Reduce scrap and unplanned downtime thanks to durable and efficient dies.

Recover your investment in the shortest possible time

We specialise in the manufacture of high precision stamping dies to our own design or the client’s specifications. Thanks to a 4-step process and specific support services, an Elitech die will guarantee you the highest operational continuity, allowing you to recover your investment in the shortest possible time.

Elitech Solution designs and manufactures dies for deep drawing, sheet metal and steel stamping


Reduce development and optimisation costs of your new die

Our simulation and prototyping services guarantee the feasibility of the final product. You’ll be able to invest in your new die without the risk of expensive adjustments and lengthy testing procedures.

Anticipate the problems in your production flow

Each stamped part has unique characteristics that have an impact on the die development process. Thanks to our specialists’ experience in a wide variety of industries, they will be able to anticipate the specific problems of your production flow and suggest the most suitable solution for your production line.

Do you want to create a durable and efficient stamping die designed according to your unique manufacturing specifications?