Established in 1969, Elitech Solution is an Italian sheet metal and steel stamping company.

In over fifty years of experience in stamping, we have developed our technologies and perfected the manufacturing process of stamping dies for various products, such as bathtubs, sinks, boilers, and cylindrical deep drawing.

Through careful design and the use of top-quality materials, we help you minimise scrap and unplanned downtime usually caused by die wear, inaccurate design, or faulty construction.

Our story started in 1969 with Flavio Passuello, who has now passed the torch on to his son Enrico, CEO of Elitech Solution.

After an early stage as a design studio, over the years we have invested in specific equipment that allows us to produce and adjust complex stamping dies in-house. 

Today, our machines, combined with our team’s expertise and an innovative working method, allow us to manufacture dies quickly, ensuring their efficiency for a great number of production cycles.

CEO Elitech Solution


Plumbing and Heating

Household appliances

dies for other sectors

Do you want to create a durable and efficient stamping die designed according to your unique manufacturing specifications?