We manufacture deep drawing, sheet metal and steel stamping dies

Elitech Solution specialises in the design and manufacture of deep drawing, sheet metal and steel stamping dies

We produce high-precision dies to our design or the client’s specifications, for the manufacture of products with complex geometries.

Elitech’s 4-step process for a durable and efficient die

What’s the true cost of machine downtime? Each stop in production affects the entire production chain. Instead of fulfilling orders according to scheduled deadlines, you are forced to deal with faults and malfunctions.

A durable and efficient stamping die will eliminate the risk of delayed deliveries or unplanned run-to-failure maintenance, allowing you to recover your investment in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to a 4-step process, the Elitech team will create for you a stamping die capable of maintaining a stable productivity level, without disrupting your machinery operations.

1. Project analysis and feasibility study

What kind of production do you want to achieve with your stamping die? What equipment will you use?

In order to provide you with precise information on the project’s feasibility and the investment amount, we need to analyse your manufacturing specifications.

For an extremely accurate technical and financial evaluation, our specialists will need specific information such as:

  1. Detail drawing of the stamped part with dimensional tolerances (3D) and choice of material;
  2. Number of items to be stamped in one year;
  3. Stamping press used for production (dimensions, gears, drawing of the platen…)
  4. Current use or possible future introduction of automation.

If you are not sure about your project’s feasibility, in this initial stage you’ll be able to request a simulation or a prototype.


2. Die design

After the order confirmation, our team will focus on the stamping die design using 3D modeling software

The design will be based on the information gathered in the first step and will match all your manufacturing specifications.

According to the characteristics of the stamped part and the amount of stamped items per year, the designer will select the most suitable technology - progressive die, transfer die, or compound die.

The die design will also contain detailed information about materials, technologies, treatment, coating, as well as an account of all the steps in the stamping process.

Also, the designer will evaluate the opportunity of creating versionable dies, so you can save money and valuable time without compromising your new stamping die’s efficiency.


3. Die assembly

Once the design is completed, it’s time for the actual production of your new stamping die.

Our precision in the manufacturing process and the careful choice of materials will guarantee you a die with high wear resistance that ensures top quality stamped parts for a great number of production cycles.



4. Die tryout

To make sure that the stamping die matches all your manufacturing specifications, we will stamp in-house a test product using the same materials you will use in your production line.

After the final product has passed this test, we will begin the setup at your plant and conduct one more test before starting the actual production.

Once we establish the die’s compatibility with your equipment, you will receive all the files with the project design.



Our customer support services maximize your machinery’s productivity over time


Availability analysis of standard components

Easy access to components of the die that might be subject to wear will keep your machinery running smoothly. 
That’s why in the die design stage, we carry out an analysis of standard components that you can find in your area. 
You’ll be able to easily retrieve these components without being forced to interrupt your production flow.


Supply of technical drawings of shearing machines and spare parts

Thanks to 3D design, we can provide you with technical drawings of spare parts for shearing machines and die components. 
This way you’ll be able to source them even from outside suppliers.


Die maintenance and 12-month check-up

Proper maintenance is essential to maintain the stamping die’s efficiency over time, avoiding costly repairs in the long run. 

During the die tryout, we instruct your technicians on the specific type of maintenance, focusing on the most critical details.

We also provide a 12-month CHECK-UP service for all our products. 

To guarantee the top quality of the end product, one year after installation, an Elitech technician will come to check the proper functioning of the die. At the end of the check-up, you will receive a check-list, where the technician will indicate any work performed or necessary.


Do you want to create a durable and efficient stamping die designed according to your unique manufacturing specifications?